How to Treat Pet Spots

free-scroll-clipart-MTLLGzGTaPeople love their pets, but are most often not sure what they should do if there is an accident.

You should use a recommended pet spotter, or a vinegar and water solution (1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water solution). The reason?  Urine turns “alkaline” from being exposed to the air within a short time after the “accident”.

A recommended pet spotter or white vinegar solution is slightly “acidic”, therefore neutralizing the urine salts.  However, even after doing a great job cleaning the spot, urine salts can be left behind which will discolor your textile and collect odor causing bacteria.

Here are four steps to treating pets spots:

  1. Cover spill with white paper towels. Do not use colored paper! It can leave a stain. You will want to use a thick stack to absorb as much of the spot as possible.
  2. Blot by stepping on stack of towels, and repeat until no transfer takes place. DO NOT RUB!
  3. Apply spotting agent. WARNING: Do not use “over the counter” spot removers! They can leave a sticky residue that attracts soil. Feel free to call us to find out what spotters are recommended. We can be reached at (530) 277-9060
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2. If the spot does not come out, do not attempt any further action. Give us a call. Do not over wet the spot. Keep blotting until dry to the touch.
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