Why Clean Your Carpets?

free-scroll-clipart-MTLLGzGTaWhy is it important to clean your carpets?


Dirty carpets harbor pollens, bacteria, insecticides, asphalt and many other contaminants.  The majority of these contaminants are not removed by vacuuming.

Your carpet acts like a filter by trapping these contaminants. Eventually, the filter gets full, and a carpet cleaning is needed. If you suffer from allergies, removing your carpets is an option, but; a Swiss study revealed that public buildings that removed their carpets actually saw an increase in illness. Why? Because the “filter” was removed, allowing the contaminants to flow freely throughout the building. This is not meant to suggest you should remove or not remove your carpets if you suffer from allergies or illness. We only suggest that hard surfaces be mopped often, and carpets should be vacuumed regularly and professional cleaning services should be performed before there is visible soil.

Problem Solving:
Occasionally something happens to a textile that appears to be a defect but can actually be corrected through professional carpet cleaning.

Usually carpet manufacturers will require your carpet to be serviced by a Certified Professional Carpet Cleaning Firm before sending out a representative.

Odor Problems:
Pet odors, cooking odors, and other odors make their way into carpets, rugs, fabrics and floors. There are a variety of new techniques and products available today that haven’t been available before.  A complete evaluation from Pristine Carpet Cleaning Services can determine if a professional cleaning will alleviate your odor problem.

Visible Soil:
Visible soiling of your carpets is not only unsightly, but it is very damaging to your carpet as well. Whether it is a spot, or a high traffic area, it can sometimes be too late. It’s important to clean your carpets before visible soiling occurs. This may seem odd, but by cleaning your carpets before the soil is visible means you are removing gritty soils that bond to your carpet or floor. If this is not removed, it will abrade the surface of your carpet, much like sandpaper.
Selling Your Home:
Selling your home can be challenging. Why let a dirty carpet prevent a successful transaction? One of the first things prospective buyers notice is the floor coverings. Especially in a vacant home. If you are selling your home call Pristine Carpet Cleaning Services. We offer complete services for carpet, tile and grout, which can go far in assisting your home sale.

Properly caring for your carpet, upholstery and rugs can dramatically increase it’s life, giving you many more years of use.